Looking forward to FOSDEM

January 16, 2009

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

For the second time in my life I’ll be attending FOSDEM in Brussels, beginning of February. I’m looking forward to it because it’s a very rich event that exposes diversity of the FOSS communities through lots of presentations given by tons of projects. It’ll be great to run into friends as well.

We’ll give a talk on the People framework in the GNOME devroom on Saturday, 7. It’s been a while I really produced work on People, mostly because of active life adaptation and energy spent at work (I’m working for TANDBERG in Oslo, Norway since September 2008). Giving a talk hopefully provides me with enough motivation to make things move forward.

The goal for us is to quickly (well, before the event) have a usable and installable framework, providing a daemon, application libraries and a useful set of contact sources. Following my thoughts exposed in a previous post, and considering that we are presenting towards the GNOME community, we hope to demonstrate some hot integration with components of this desktop ecosystem, such as Empathy.

See you there!

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3 Responses to “Looking forward to FOSDEM”

  1. Gilles Dartiguelongue Says:

    One thing that I still don’t understand is how people is different than galago. I mean galago does presence, aggregation, connectors to eds and telepathy. What’s the difference between expending it and people ?

    I ask because I worked on something like this at work for the last year and the rewrite of our tools was planned to be using galago. Besides galago is already used in some gnome applications so the only “problem” of galago is that upstream seems a bit low on activity but I bet it would be easy to take over.

  2. jprieur Says:

    People is about static contact information, not presence, and it’s meant to be pretty generic in the tiny scope of providing static contact information. From that information, applications can go further using Telepathy to get presence, Evolution to send emails, an helper library to get an avatar, a web browser to access a social network profile, etc. People won’t provide you with the result, just the basic information to get the result (it exists for that contact and those are the values you can use to exploit it). After that, you might need an activity launcher that knows what to do with that basic information to actually get the result (this is Empathy to me, in a form that makes it less an IM client only).

    If we’d have go with making galago evolve, we would have end up with something similar to what has been done on Soylent/libsoylent during last Summer Of Code and before, which is for me a very ad-hoc solution and design that is limited and bound to only integrate with GNOME, has a blurry scope, and is not ambitious enough.

    Whether we should add ephemeral information like presence into People has been discussed and this is not something we want, at least for now. Dynamic annotation of contact objects on the bus could prove useful though.

    I’d happy to discuss that more, as I may be missing something. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Hi Johann, I’m looking forward to your participation in the XMPP Summit, too! See you in Brussels…

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